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Steel Tube Division

We use the finest quality of steel for our products. A system of exacting quality tests ensures the highest standards of quality.The unit is fully equipped with the latest and integrated Quality Control system to produce tubes that conform to the national and international standards. The Quality Control system is backed by the services of a advanced laboratory and a test house for physical, metallurgical and chemical tests. A few of the important Quality Control measures used for manufacturing are:


At present, the non destructive testing equipment is capable of identifying defects both in the parent material and in the weld zone according to the specification to which the specification to which the tubes have been manufactured. It is also capable of giving an audio visual indication, coupled with automatic segregation facilities.


In order to measure the suitability of products to various design and fabrication requirements, specifications require various combinations of a number of manipulation tests. These include such deformation tests as flattening, expansion, bending and reverse flattening. These tests indicate the ability of the weld ,as well as the parent material, to with stand forming operations. some of the other tests which are carried out are:

Tensile Tests

  • » Hydrostatic Tests
  • » Dimensional Checks
  • » Straightness Tests
  • » Visual inspection Tests
  • » Chemical Analysis Tests
  • » Microscopic Examination
  • » Macro -Etching Tests


The tubes are packed loose as well as in bundles and as required. The tubes are covered with polythene bags and polythene - lined Hessian bags . The following modes of packing are generally used:

  • » Loose
  • » Loose ends bagged with Hessian / Polythene.
  • » Bundled ends bagged with Hessian / Polythene.
  • » Bundles wrapped with wax paper and Hessian / Polythene

Special finishes or modes of packing , if so ,required, are undertaken after mutual consensus.

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