Hot Rolled Infrastructure  

The mill Consists of a 6 Continuous roughing stands followed by 8 stand Tandem finishing mill & 3 coilers . High pressure de-scaling ensures excellent surface finish. The coils are rolled in the thickness range of 1.00 to 10.0 mm & in the width range of 150 to 520 mm with very close tolerances on width & thickness in various grades. Besides Hot rolling of Stainless Steel, Razor Blade Steel & other alloy Steels, Avery offers various other Mild Steel qualities as per the attached specification and tolerances rolled out of best quality Steel Slabs.

Steel slabs are first heated and soaked in the reheating furnace to a temperature of about 1200 Degree C and passed through the continuous roughing & tandem finishing stands and are rolled into coils of specified thickness and width.

Coil Transport Conveyor
Automatic Coil Stapping Unit
Coil Dispatch Yard
Modern Precision Slitting Line
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