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Tube Manufacturing Process.
Precision Steel Tubes are produced from cold rolled steel, manufactured out of the finest quality steel from Avery Steel's state of the art plants. Precision seamless welded tubes are manufactured with the customary Avery Commitment to quality. The manufacturing process is governed by a comprehensive quality plan and constant quality checks are carried out during the manufacturing process, at all stages, with size range from 12.70 mm OD, with thickness ranging form 0.97 mm to 4.06. The manufacturing process involves forming of cold rolled steel strips into a tubular shape, the edge being welded under seamless welding process.
Advantages of precision tubes
Precision ERW tubes offer many advantages such as closer tolerances on diameter & thickness, exceptional concentricity and a smooth finish, both in side & out side of the tubes. These features enable designers to obtain uniformity of flow under controlled temperature, pressure conditions, while fabricators can exercise grater over close bending and tube alignment in butt-welding.
Standards to which tubes are manufactured
» IS: 2039
Steel tubes for bicycles and allied purposes.
» IS: 1914
Carbon steel boiler tube sand super heater tubes
» IS: 1978
Line pipe
» IS: 3074
Steel tubes for automotive purposes .
» IS: 3601
Steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes.
» IS: 7138
Steel tubes for furniture purposes.
» IS:8036
Mild Steel transformer cooling tubes .
» IS: 1161
Steel tubes for structural purposes .
» IS: 4923
Hollow steel section for structural use.
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